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Yes, We Are Still Open and Shipping!

I have been getting several messages asking if we were still operational and are still shipping. And the answer is YES. Pet Supply businesses are allowed to remain open.

Orders are being shipped as quickly as possible. I had to lay off my employees and am trying to do all the work on my own. Currently, most orders are shipping within 2 business days. I am trying to ship the following business day, but that isn't always possible, especially if I have to stop and make medicated foods.

If you are in an area that is locked down your delivery may take a little longer. I use both USPS and UPS for shipping. And both carriers have indicated they will remain operational, even in highly restricted areas, but cannot guarantee timely deliveries in all areas across the USA. And, the same is true of international orders. I cannot provide a time frame for delivery. Only that you will receive tracking information once your order ships.

If there are any changes to my ability to conduct business or to ship products I will let you know.

Stay safe!


Chloroquine Phosphate and Coronavirus

There are 3 medications currently being evaluated for treatment against the Coronavirus (COVID-19). And the treatment proving to be most effective is a combination with a medication in the final stages of Ebola testing and Chloroquine Phosphate.

Because Chloroquine Phosphate is showing potential to treat COVID-19 it is temporarily unavailable to the aquarium hobby. And, best estimates are that it will be at least 6 months before it will become available again.

I have a very small amount of Chloroquine Phosphate in stock and will be using it to make medicated flake and pellet. Unfortunately, it cannot be offered in powder form at this time due to the high potential of misuse.

If you recently purchased one of the few jars I had available it will be shipping this week. Please follow the guidelines that allow us to offer medications in the aquarium trade. The following is displayed when checking out on every order and are required by the FDA for legal matters:

The purchaser or company representative certifies that by completing any order that includes regulated medications will be used as intended to treat and maintain the health of ornamental fish.

The purchaser is aware of the restrictions placed on the sale of these products and agree the personnel responsible for the treatment of ornamental fish will be instructed in its proper usage; and agree to not intentionally divert these chemicals for any other purpose and have been instructed to establish and maintain records of the purchase and use of these products.

By completing any order that includes these products the purchaser agrees to these terms.

Erythromycin Pricing and Availability

Erythromycin is a popular antibiotic that has come under scrutiny due to misuse, inappropriate dosing or diverting use away from ornamental aquarium species. Unfortunately, because of a tightening in constraints and availability the pricing has gone up significantly (30% increase in wholesale pricing with limited availability and limits to the amount that can be purchased). Once the current stock I have available is depleted I will need to increase pricing.

Chloroquine Phosphate Availability

Chloroquine Phosphate is a drug under high demand in Africa to treat malaria. Because of this demand medication available to the aquarium trade has been sporadic. Currently it is on backorder. And, when it become available again I suspect it will be with a fairly limited supply. If you are interested in this medication, please check back periodically. I had obtained a small amount last week and it sold out in just a few days!

Medicated Pellets

If you need a medicated pellet in a different size than shown on our website, please make a comment and let us know which size pellet you would prefer. We can substitute any pellet we have in stock for the same price. All you have to do is ask!

March Specials

Save up to 25% in March on a variety of foods and medications.

Check out all our specials at March Specials.

New Products are Here --- AND Still More Arriving!

Several new products are here! I've been taking photos and creating new listings as time allows...between packaging orders and mixing medicated foods. There is still plenty more to add, so check back and check out what the new offerings include.

Killifish Color Micro Feast

The newest development in micro granules Killifish Color Micro Feast is a 300-500 micron food that is packed full of nutrients and natural color enhancing ingredients. Mysis and krill shrimp provide astaxanthin to brighten orange and red tones as well as spirulina and kelp to help with the blue and green colors. Perfect size for fry, juveniles and young adults.

Killifish Color Feast

Killifish Color Feast is a slightly larger size than the Killifish Color Micro Feast. These granules are too big to filter through a 500 micron screen, but offer the same high nutrition and color enhancing agents. This size is great for juveniles and adults.

Cichlid Pellets in 7.5mm

You asked for it! Larger cichlid pellets. Now have 7.5mm Cichlid Pellets to meet the needs of those with sizeable cichlids that appreciate a larger pellet. And these new pellets can be used for medicated foods as well. If you need a medicated food in this new, larger sized pellet, just make a comment on your order and I'll take it from there.

Worm Mini Sticks Value Pack

Worm Mini Sticks Value Pack will save 15% off the individual pricing.

Give your aquarium pets a variety to help them stay strong and healthy, while providing foods based on their favorite foods, worms.

Receive equal amounts of the following in this value pack:

  • Bloodworm Mini Sticks
  • California Blackworm Mini Sticks
  • Earthworm Mini Sticks
  • Silkworm Mini Sticks
  • Tubifex Mini Sticks

Color Mini Sticks

Color Mini Sticks are a great addition to the staple food offerings to add variety to the diet as well as improve coloring.

Natural astaxanthin from krill and plankton sources improve reds and oranges; and spirulina helps to bring out greens and blues.

Beefheart Mini Sticks

Beefheart Mini Sticks are a premium meat based pellet that is now available in a smaller size.

Beefheart has been long recognized for its ability to help blues and greens develop similar to how astaxanthin improves reds and oranges; improving overall coloration of aquatic species.

Very Veggie Sticks

Very Veggie Sticks are a high quality pellet that is extruded into a stick shape. Loaded full of veggies, such as broccoli, sweet potato, spinach, carrot, and more! Packed full of nutrition from the wide variety of highly nutritious vegetables.

California Blackworm Flake

California Blackworm Flake
is a premium, high protein flake perfect for species needing high protein foods balanced with vitamins.

Product Review Drawing

Have you tried any of our products lately? If so, please share your experience by submitting a product review. Each submitted review will earn one entry into our monthly drawing for a $20 coupon.

Thank you for shopping at Everything Aquatic!