Welcome to Everything Aquatic


After much research and learning that there is a lot of inaccurate information about how to care for aquatic fish and inverts, we decided to start this website. It took years to decipher the good from the bad. Let us help you to become a successful aquarist and to have many years to enjoyment with your chosen wet fins.

All information found on this site is from decades of experience with keeping fish, inverts and aquatic plants. Nothing on this site has come from those claiming to be experts that have yet to set up their first aquarium!

One of the most frustrating things is that many new to this hobby blindly take the advice of the staff at their local fish store or chain pet store. We certainly did at first. Those staff members typically are there to do their job, which by the way is to sell unnecessary products, and are there for the paycheck. It is rare to find someone who has first hand knowledge and who understands what it takes to have a healthy and stable aquarium. Before accepting their advice, ask questions. Have they kept their own aquarium? How long? Do they find it hard work or taking up a lot of their time? If done correctly, the aquatic hobby is very enjoyable and requires very little time! And even then, do some research of your own before deciding.

It is so discouraging to hear someone being told that a goldfish can be kept in a 1 gallon bowl, without filtration and without water changes; and the new aquarist has come to us and is now asking questions as to why their new fish is sick or has died. It can be very frustrating getting conflicting information. While we may not always tell you what you may want to hear, you will get information based on experience. There is no magic answer. By understanding what is happening in your tank you will be able to make your own educated decisions.

Feel free to review our library files. There is much information available. Or, if you are more looking for an answer to a specific situation, consider joining our free forum and see what our members recommend, based on their own experiences.

So, if you want to learn from others who have many years of experience or have knowledge of your own to share, we are glad you found us!