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Amazon Sword Plant Care Sheet


  • Amazon Sword Plant Care Sheet

    Common Names: Amazon Sword, Giant Sword
    Latin Name: Echinodorus amazonicus
    Family Name: Alismataceae
    Plant Form: Rosette
    Sold as: Bare root or potted
    Placement: Background, focal point
    Max Size: 30 in / 76 cm, commonly 22 in / 56 cm
    Planting: In deep substrate for the roots to firmly anchor plant
    Flowers: Inconsequential, rarely noticed
    Propagation: Root divisions and polinated flowers
    Growth Rate: Moderate to fast

    True Aquatic: Yes

    7.5 or lower
    Supplements: High quality fertilizer and Root Tabs
    Lighting: Moderate to High
    Recommended Tank Size: 75G as a focal point, 100G+ in a heavily planted tank

    Care Level: Moderate
    Good for Beginners: Yes, so long as a solid fertilization plan is followed

    Plants become huge tank busters. Definitely not a plant for a smaller tank. Heavy root feeders. Not picky about substrates so long as substrate contains nutrients. When plants are happy they can quickly depleat nutrients from the substrate as well as from the water column.

    Best kept as single specimens due to their size. To best view their full beauty, plant needs to be in a very large tank.

    When plant's needs are met they will begin to send out flower stocks. Flowers will most likely go unnoticed, however, these stems will begin to develop leaves; and these leaves turn into baby sword plants.

    Once the tap roots develop on the new plants, cut them off the stem and sink into the substrate, along with substrate fertilizers to help them develop their root systems.
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