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Endler Care Sheet


  • Endler Care Sheet

    Written by EveryhingAquaitc Moderators

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    Photos taken by Lotsoffish

    Common Name (s): Endlers, Endler Livebearers, Endler Guppies, Endler Pocelia
    Scientific Name: Poecilia wingei
    Family: Poeciliidae

    Temperature: 64-82 F (18-28 C)
    Temperament/Behavior: Peaceful, Prolific breeder, Males will constantly harass mature females
    Max Size: Male: 1 inch (2.5 cm); Female 1.8 inch (4.5 cm)
    Min. Tank Size: 10 gallons (38 liters)
    Tank Region: All
    Gender Identification: Males are bright colored while females are dull in color, Males have pointed anal fins and are smaller than females
    Compatibility: Other peaceful community fish
    Experience Level: Beginner

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    Info: Endlers are feared to be extinct in the wild due to human water pollution but are thriving in the hobby. They will cross breed with guppies so it is recommended to keep them in a separate tank. They are prolific breeders.
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