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Severum Cichlid Care Sheet


  • Severum Cichlid Care Sheet

    Common Name: Severum, Banded Cichlid, Hero Cichlid
    Scientific Name: Heros Severus
    Family: Cichlidae

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    Origin: South America
    Temperament/Behavior: Mild mannered but can be territorial if breeding
    Max SizeMin. Tank Size: 55 US Gal / 208.18L or larger is better if keeping a pair
    Tank Region: Middle, bottom
    Diet: Omnivore; excepts pellets, flake foods, blood worms and veggies such as lettuce
    Identification: Spade-shaped body w/ vertical black bars
    Gender Identification: Males are larger with a more pointed dorsal and anal fin. Females may appear to be more paler and lack the markings on the head.
    Compatibility: Larger fish such as other South American Cichlids and the larger Tetra species, Catfish, Giant Danios and Silver Dollars all make good tankmates.
    Experience Level: Beginner if tank size is met

    Tank Setup: Driftwood, rocks and caves with gravel or sand substrate. Appreciates open space for swimming. Aquatic plants should be avoided as they may be eaten.
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