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  • Ehiem Ecco Canister Filter

    So I bought this filter from Petsmart online a couple weeks into starting up my 29g due to feeling the HOB wasn't sufficent. It cost 65 bucks due to a sale they had going on with free shipping.

    Everything was going great, I followed all the instructions, it primed easily, but silly me, I put the carbon in. Well following the instructions it says to take the carbon out after 14 days. I go to open up the canister via the handle priming device and -CRACK- canister splits at the handle below the o-ring.

    Petsmart customer service were awesome. They replaced it for me right away and only asked that I send back the old one after sending me a shipping label.

    Not having the canister running for 5 days caused me to have a mini cycle. That was fun.

    So put the replacement together, leave out the carbon this time and everything is good again...until today. I did a water change (30%) and noticed that the canister was spitting out air occasionally. Knowing this is bad for the motor, I went to open it again.

    Yep, you guessed it.

    CRACK went the handle itself this time (not the actual canister). Cheap little plastic piece on the swiveling portion of the handle.

    While it still functions, I'm afraid of a possible leak while I'm away at work, so I ran out and grabbed a fluval 206.

    Other cons:
    -Filter flow seems to slow down after only a few days.
    -Internal design of the filter makes it so the water just kind of sits in there, no way to tell if it's actually going through all the media and actually being filtered or not save for pressure and the motor.
    -Ugly green tubes!
    -No spray bar or anything, just a nozzle that you can redirect.
    -Still no response from customer service at ehiem from the very first one that broke
    -Cheap plastic parts
    -Impossible to open the canister as you have to push down on the handle which is also the primer, past a certain point, to get the o ring to pop up.

    While the other canisters from these guys may be fantastic, the ECCO line in my opinion is cheaply made (and therefore cheap to purchase). Do not buy the ECCO products.

    Here's hoping will give me a full refund instead of a replacement this time.
    10g, 20g, 29g, 55g

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    Great review. Thanks for posting it.