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Penn Plax 2.7 Gallons Vertex Nano Shrimp Desktop

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  • Penn Plax 2.7 Gallons Vertex Nano Shrimp Desktop

    Has anyone ever bought a product from these guys or happen to have this tank? I am thinking of getting a couple for my shrimp breeding...
    2.5g Betta tank (Rayne)
    2.5g Apple Snail tank (Silver)
    1.5g Saltwater MTS vase (tough little dudes)
    40g red ear slider tank (Kappa)
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    I haven't bought anything from them, but I was looking at this one on Amazon I'm pretty sure it is free shipping if the order is over $25. If it looks good to you, you could get one of them and divide it.
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      I've seen them and the Radius at my LFS and LOVE the look of them. I want one (the 10 gallon Radius) but really need to curb the spending for a bit...
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        I have been noticing Penn Plax products popping up everywhere over the past 2 years...
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          I wish I could remember the name of the company that pen plax imports from, the LFS by me found it and has started to sell the same producs as penn but at a huge price difference.

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