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Zoo Med 501 Canister Filter

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  • Zoo Med 501 Canister Filter

    I bought this for Dustin's 20 gallon because he wanted a small canister filter due to the large amount of plants we'd be putting in. The filter is rated up to 30 gallons.

    Pros: Small foot print, doesn't hang on tank like another mini canister filter, comes with media, quiet.
    Cons: Extremely difficult to take off the lid, no way of closing off the flow, parts feel flimsy, if unplugging, siphon continues due to no stop on the intake and output. The water was always cloudy, not a lot of room for media. Filter has broken down after about a month of use.

    While it may be great for smaller tanks like possibly a 10g or a 5g, I would not recommend this for anything larger. The particulate load of a planted tank is just too high for this to keep up with.
    10g, 20g, 29g, 55g

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    Thank you for sharing your experience with this filter.
    - Dena

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      Thank you indeed, thou i will add it would not be hard to insert an inline valve on the suction or intake side of the filter.

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