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TOM Algae Scraper Multi-Function Tool

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  • TOM Algae Scraper Multi-Function Tool

    I got this because it is so hard for me to reach the bottom of the 150g tank. At $11.99, I thought it was a good price. I opened it up today to try it out. It has 3 attachments - an algae scraper, a polishing pad and a rake.

    I tried the rake first. It is like a litter box scoop. I love it. I was able to reach the plant weights at the bottom that had held down the zucchini and also pick up some empty snail shells and slide some other small stuff around with no problem. It has a little bit of a learning curve, and I don't know if it is designed to float up or not, but I found that if I could get under something properly, the rake would just float it to the top so I could grab it.

    I also tried out the scraper and pad and, in my opinion, they work great.

    The attachments go on and off very easily. The only drawback that I have found so far is that it is 34" long and doesn't retract. But I can live with that.

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    I have one of those and love it too Been using it more than a year and its still going strong!
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      Thanks for the review.