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  • Deep Blue 10g Hood

    So I have a Deep Blue #20 10g hood with that comes with a T5 bulb and an led moonlight. I gotta say, I'm impressed with the plant growth this little thing has put out, but unfortunately, it comes with a cost.

    This hood will kill it's own bulb in 2 months or less.

    I've gone through 2 of these hoods now, the last one purchased on 5/8 of this year after the first one died. As of yesterday morning, it was dead again, nothing but moonlight. The first one, we replaced the bulb with another brand just in case it was the bulb and it died within two months again. I believe that there is either something wrong in the sockets on their design, or something wrong with the balast that it kills the bulbs so fast.

    So I'm sad, as it's a fairly cheap little hood for the lighting you get for a 10g tank (cost me roughly $40). Good plant type bulbs for a 10g are hard to come across without paying an arm and a leg I've found. I'll be writing the company soon to let them know of the defect so hopefully they can fix the issue in future models.
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    That is a neat little hood, I keep an eye out at garage sales and collect 10g hoods Is it getting a ton of condensation in the bulb area? Just a stab in the dark but maybe if more of the back strip were cut it could breathe more if this is the case.

    Eta: Sorry, I didn't read that it was a review, I thought it was a question.
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      Thanks for the review.
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        Thanks for the review.

        Hmm I would love to take a look at one of these and pull it apart to see what is causing it.

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