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    So... I just cleaned the macril out of my canister.... except my bio stars, that I just gave a quick rinse to get the gunk off the housing tray... BUT.... I tried something a little different...

    These bags of activated carbon and biozorb are not quite filling the tray so... I added more media and double stuffed stuff as so...

    Tray 1 (bottom)
    Shelf 1 2-30ppi
    Shelf 2 2-20ppi

    Tray 2
    Shelf 3 56 bio stars
    Shelf 4 2 bags folded in half for complete coverage activated carbon

    Tray 3
    Shelf 5 2 bags folded in half biozorb for complete coverage
    Shelf 6 2 Micro filter and 1 Super Micro filter

    Tray 4
    Shelf 7 3 Super Micro filters
    Shelf 8 2 Super Micro filters

    Is this over doing it? I'm trying to seriously polish my water to prestine clean and clear...
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    might be over doing it a tad but if you can get the needed flow and the water is clean you just may need to rinse the filters more often.

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      Well the water flow doesn't seem to be effected any... the bio bags never really gave a full coverage of the tray, it was always spacious unlike the filter pads, doubling them up opened up a tray So I was like hey why not? BUT then I was concerned I might be overdoing it and had to make sure... I don't mind cleaning as lo g as I am doing my fishies justice
      It does not matter if you are right or wrong...
      As long as you learn and Keep Moving Forward!



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        I use 2 foam pads in my first container and one polishing pad in the next and that is where I'll throw a bag of coral and/or carbon then my top tray is full of bio balls.
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