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    Well, after pondering the idea for a while now, I think my next fish investment is going to be an RO system. I have a couple questions though.

    1. Does anyone have any systems to recommend? I don't need anything that's gonna make like 200 gallons a day or anything.

    2. How would I go about mixing the water before putting it in the tanks? I'm going to get some trash cans to store the water in that will have heaters and circulation pumps. Would I just mix in regular tap water until the desired pH is reached? pH is my main reason for wanting the system.

    3. How long do the cartridges last? I don't want to have to be buying $50 cartridges every 2 months. I don't have chlorine in my water, so I don't know if that would make them last longer.

    If anyone has any info that could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Hey Dillon.

    Here's the system I would get!

    I would buy a large tote and connect the RO system to that. You can age the water and mix it at the same time if you wanted to. I know people that add IAL to their mixing vats. Totes are much easier to deal with than multiple trashcans. You could mix water until you got the pH you wanted. Personally I'd do a 50/50 mix or a 75/25 ro/tap mix. That's what I use in my betta tank and they seem to enjoy it.

    I'm not sure on the third question. I seem to remember that refillable systems were cheaper in the long run.


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      Haha I was just searching for my link to the ro/di unit I plan/want to get and Rogue seems to have posted it I was told by a FL member who got one it is a really good system!
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        RO system

        Wow. That's really cheap! At that price, I will be able to get one much sooner than I thought. Haha.

        Here's a thread I found on another site regarding water storage/changes that I think I'm going to attempt to replicate. I want to be able to run the water upstairs to my other tanks.

        I think I'll use 2 55g drums linked together like the one in that thread. The sink in the fishroom is just below the sink in the kitchen upstairs so I think I will run one PVC pipe up through the floor under the sink so I can just open the cabinet, hook up a hose, and have RO water. I really like the idea of the remote controlled pump too, so I will look for one of those.

        The only other issue I just thought of is the temperature differences in my tanks. I'm gonna try to get them all as close to 79f as I can, but then the discus will be at 84f. I guess I would just need to turn the heater up in the RO container before doing their water change.

        Oh, some other news. I mentioned something about a drain in the fishroom to my dad today and he started complaining abut how he really wants to put a shower and toilet in their (its supposed to be a bathroom), but all the tanks are in there. I told him he cod have that space if I could have part of his tool room. He just kinda sat there thinking and never said anything. I really hope he will let me have the other room. There is sooooo much more space in there and it is all enclosed and a lot warmer than other room.


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          great deal on the RO unit.

          I agree a tote would give you a much better storage device, but the 2 55 gal drums wouldnt be that bad either.

          As for the water temp, I would aim for the lower temp, chaging out the water with a 5 degree or so difference isnt going to make that much of a change, plus it makes it a bit eaiser to keep the water at a stable temp. At worst aim for the temp to be around 81 or 82 and you will never notice the diff for any of the tanks.

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