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Current Satellite+ Flexible LED with RGB

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  • Current Satellite+ Flexible LED with RGB

    I'm setting up my first aquascape with a 48-gallon tank that has a slighty rounded, but not bowed, front, which means I can't replace the hood. I have most of the hardware selected and will have a CO2 system. I'm looking at my lighting options now. I found this online: Current Satellite+ Flexible LED with RGB

    48, 6500K, White LEDs and 24, RGB, Full-spectrum LEDs
    Total Lumens: 1000
    Features include:
    • 6 freshwater-optimized, color pre-sets
    • 12 dynamic effects including: cloud cover, fading lunar, storm, lightning, dusk and more
    • 4 memory buttons for saving custom color blends
    • Pause/play each mode on-demand

    Is anyone familiar with it? It looks like I might be able to attach it to the original hood.

    Thanks for any input!


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    Welcome to the forum Deanne! I'm not familiar with that light myself but it does look pretty cool. I like how it's programable.


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      Thanks Jonathan,

      I still need to write an introduction. I found the light and was too excited about the possibility to do an introduction first. I've been spending a lot of work time looking for aquarium supplies.

      I think my next hobby should be something a bit less expensive and less time-consuming, like maybe cleaning the house!



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        Hahaha none of my hobbies are cheap. I can't help it. I just HATE to see the bank account at a decent balance.

        The lights do look cool for sure. You can also make your own LED fixture as well if you wanted to. eBay sells a bunch of different LED strips. You could also try


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          I am nor familiar with that fixture but it does sound interesting

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            The house will always be there! Welcome to the forum

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            55g and another 10g being planned.