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    Grrrrrr it may look lovely when you put the sand in but my god how the hell do you clean it ? And keep it clean I've just done my first water change because my nitrate was at 0.5 so I did a 10 litre water change ... I thought while I'm doing the water change I'll give the tank a quick clean over ...: how do I clean all the bits out the bottom without losing all my sand ?? My sand wasn't cheap let me tell you so I don't want to be losing any of it .. I tried using my net but I was just getting sand in it and it wouldn't sieve through it like I initially thought ;( anyone got any ideas or easy tricks of the trade for me ?? I did try and scoop it in the net when I was putting the new water in but it was landing quicker than I could catch it ;(
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    If you are using a gravel vac, hover it above the sand and swirl the water around a bit. The dirt will pick up and you can suck it up. Takes a little practice but it's the best way to do it.
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      I agree Lori, it is the easiest way to do sand thou its one of the reasons I don't use it myself even thou it looks awesome.

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        I agree with the above. Just hold the gravel vacuum tube about an inch above the sand and it will pick up the debris. And, don't forget to periodically stir the sand to release the nitrogen gas that will build up. If too much gas is released at once it can have a negative affect on the inhabitants.
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          I also agree with the others, you're lible to loose some sand anyway, especially when first starting out. Does your gravel vac hook up to the faucet or are you using a bucket because you could always salvage the sand that's sucked up. How about if you stir the sand then vac about an inch above the sand after it starts to settle down.


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            A really good filter will help. There should be enough water movement to avoid dead spots. You can screen the end of the syphon to avoid sand loss.