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    So I have this tiny gravel vac for the 10g, the diameter of the vac head itself is only about an inch. The boyfriend is getting slightly annoyed with the shake the heck out of it to get it started method and doesn't want to suck to get it started either. We tried one of those bulb starters that are meant for gravel vacs, but found it was too big for the tubing even with the adapter. The tubing itself is bigger than airline tubing but not by much, sorry, don't have an exact size for it.

    Anyone have any suggestions on cheap ideas to do a siphon starter so he doesn't have to keep shaking it up and down to get it started and scaring his fish? I suggested turkey baster, but he asked me to research. I did google a bit, but the premade ones specifically for aquariums that look like they'd work are the fluval ones that cost like 20 bucks!
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    Hmmm I don't know... I use my aqueon water changer/travel vacuum in all size tanks including my daughters new 5.5g
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      I turn the vac completely on its side in the tank until the tube is full of water and then tilt it up. As long as the bucket is lower than the tank, it usuallyworks - not always. A lot of times I just suck on the end of the hose. After a while you get the hang of when to stop before you get a mouthful of water.
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        Thanks Lori, that worked, I'll have to show it to him when he gets home.
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          Lori has it nailed imo. Another method I use when just using the tubing with no vac is to leave one end in the bucket, then submerge and fill completely a couple feet of the tubing, hold your finger over the end in the tank so it doesn't drain back out and then pull all the extra tubing from the tank, let it hang and release your thumb, normally starts one.
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