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water evaporation

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  • water evaporation

    so I was curious to know what everyone's water evaporation is like, my two 55 gallon tanks seem to be about a gallon a week, one tank is at 78 degrees and the other is at 79-80. is this average? lights are on 10 Hrs a day,

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    Re: water evaporation

    My evaporation changes based on the air temperatures and on the humidity levels. High temps and low humidity means a good inch of evaporation on my tanks....and I have glass tops on every tank. Winter is even worse as the furnace dries out the air and sucks the moisture from my tanks too. Spring and Fall, during our rainy seasons are when I get almost no evaporation. High humidity and no furnace is the perfect environment.
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      Re: water evaporation

      yeah well see how this winter goes with evaporation we run the furnace atleast 18 hrs a day. but we always have a tea kettle that I fill with water and put on the fire place to help up the humidity, also we run the humidifier almost constantly,


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        Re: water evaporation

        I live in a very dry area, I got tons of evap. I have a 55 that doesn't have a lid. I lose at least 5 gallons a week. Probably more.
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          Re: water evaporation

          25% of my tank surface isn't covered, I lose about 2 gallons a week.


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            Re: water evaporation

            Its funny you mention this, I was just thinking about it the other day.

            Here is how it seems to go in my house

            20long plants only unheated uncovered w/airstone loses about 1-2 gallons per week
            20gal semi planted full standard plastic hood with airstone loses about 1gal per week
            20gal QT (Under the above listed 20 on the same stand) with airstone loses about 2gal per week
            33 long full cover with airstone tank temp is at 70 for cooler water fish loses less than 1gal per week
            10gal mostly covered with airstone moderately planted loses about 2-3 gallons per week
            10gal mostly covered fully covered surface with floating plants, heavily planted NO airstone loses less than 1/2 gal per week
            40gal half covered no airstone loses about 1-2 gallons per week
            75gal full glass top with airstone, fully planted, loses about 2-3 gallons per week

            All my tanks other than the listed 33long and the QT are at 76-78 the qt typically runs at 82-84 unless otherwise needed.

            The 3 20s are in the same room, the 33 and 75 are in the same room, and the 2 10s and the 40 are in the same room. It is all a bit weird lol.

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