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  • General hardness question

    So, I did a GH and KH test. The GH ended up using 21 drops, and the KH 7. I did both tests twice with the same results. Does the GH seem a bit high? The PH looked to be 7.4-7.6 Oh yeah, we've moved since I last posted . Everything is new, now. Unfortunately...
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    Just means your water is very hard and loaded with calcium and/or magnesium. When obtaining new fish you may need to acclimate if they are coming out of soft water; and may have issues with attempts to breed species that are found in very soft water. But wouldn't stop you.
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      yup, hard water. You could mess with it, but honestly if you are into this for just a regular tank then I wouldnt worry about it at all. You will need to watch your acclimations as catsma_97504 mentioned and breeding might take a bit more work than usual thou not impossible.

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