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Water Params for a Planted Tank

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  • Water Params for a Planted Tank

    First off....yay!!! I'm getting over my resistance to chemistry. I've been doing noob planting and just hoping they grow That being said, what should my water params be for a planted tank? My iron test kit is coming...

    Of course, I know i should be:

    0ppm Ammonia
    0ppm Nitrite
    10-20pmm Nitrate

    How about: Iron, Potassium, GH, KH,...

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    Re: Water Params for a Planted Tank

    I asked this same question and while there are some BASIC guidlines there is not set in stone numbers. Its really based on your tank. To be honest I actually dont even test, I just watch the plants and the fish and they tell me what they need.

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      Re: Water Params for a Planted Tank

      The target ranges vary based on the dosing plan you choose to follow. I use:

      5-20 NO3
      0.1-0.5 IRON
      GH/KH 4 degrees minimum
      Potassium, don't measure...just. watch for holes in leaves
      PO4 1-5 PPM or higher based on GSA growth
      30 PPM CO2 based on pH change. I will not spend $100 on a test kit!
      Temp depends on the selected plants
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