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  • Thinking I've Got BBA

    I looked in Dustin's 20 this morning to see little clumps of black fuzz growing on his anubius. For now, I'm turning down the light to just the 6500k light. He's just started dosing dry ferts but I'm wondering if this tank is going to need Co2..

    Light is a 30 inch two t5no bulbs (one 6500k, one 10000k). Fairly sure at this point it's high light on a 20 long as it sits on top of the tank.
    Ferts are my dry ferts mix in the bottles doing PPS dosing.

    Opinions? DIY co2 needed here to head off the algae?

    Click image for larger version

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    How old are the bulbs? Normal fluorescent bulbs should be replaced every 6-9 months.

    How many hours are the lights on? Use a timer, if not already, and set it to run 8 hours a day.

    With both tubes running you have moderate lighting; with a single bulb low light. Make sure the plants can survive low light. Removing one bulb will have a great impact on fert uptake.

    Does this tank catch any sunlight?

    What are the current water parameters? New ferts can be overdosed initially, even more so with the lighting cut in half.

    Yes, you might need CO2. You have moderate light which is the gray area.

    Any algae growth is an indication of an imbalance.
    - Dena

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      Tank is 20g Long.

      Bulbs are brand new.
      Lights are on for roughly 8-10 hours depending on when Dustin remembers to turn them off. I'll poke him about a timer soon. Unfortunately the moonlights are on the same switch as one of the bulbs. The setup is one switch controls moonlights, and 6500k bulb. Other switch controls 10k bulb.
      Most of the plants are low light plants, and will be able to survive one-two days with just one bulb on.
      No sunlight.
      Dustin's testing water parameters tonight, we do PPS dosing, 2 ML of Macros and Micros daily. Lighting has only been cut in half today.
      The anubius itself is actually brand new. This algae literally appeared since Saturday.
      I bought a bottle of Flourish Excel to supplement carbon - I might be looking into a paintball co2 setup in future for longer term cost reduction.
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