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ID this algae pwease!

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  • ID this algae pwease!

    I've finally gotten rid of most of the GSA in my 55! Unfortunately there is this new stuff in its place.

    Behind the spraybar it's red, and on the front it's brown. It's smeary/splotchy/dusty, not think, and easy to remove. The brown-ness makes me think diatoms, but this tank has been set up for a year, and my parents used it for many years before that. I'm assuming the stuff behind the spraybar is red because it's dying, maybe due to increased CO2 concentration?

    The brown algae looks stripey due to me I guess removing some with the algae scraper and not getting all of it.

    Any ideas on what it is and how to permanently remove it would be great!
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    I am not 100% but I believe it is dead/dying GSA. I had an issue with it and once my excel dosing was in full swing it began to look exactly like your pictures, especially near the filter outlet! I think it looks purplish, I have spot treated algae with excel and it turned similar colors as well. I am no algae Guru and these are my self taught observations
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      I've had that Algae in the first picture...I just wiped it off and it never returned. Never thought of dying or dead algae before.....makes sense since it didn't grow back. I would say dead Green dust algae.
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        Cool, thanks guys, works for me I'm probably noticing it more because my last water change was a little late, and I forgot to clean the algae off the front, and I'm due for another water change, so I guess it piled up. Must be the extra phosphate! Hopefully it'll be gone for good


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          clean it off, if it comes back lets worry about it then.

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            Sound advice I just did a water change and got all the algae off. What was left of the GSA came off a lot easier than I'm remembering, I'm assuming because it was mostly dead and maybe not clinging as tightly? The tank looks so sparkley now, hopefully it'll stay gone I'm waiting for the water to mix a bit then I'll test and see what I need to add. My summer resolution is to be better about testing and adding what's needed instead of guessing. I'll make a thread, I'm sure