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  • Question: Injected CO2 system recommendation

    I'm taking the plunge a lot earlier than expected here...I will probably be ordering my system in the next two weeks from GreenLeafAquariums...this is the model I want to order:

    Choice CO2 System:

    Does this system come with everything I need to start my injected CO2 adventure? Do I need to order any necessary parts? maybe a socket wrench to tighten up the connection and I do know that the canister comes empty and I need to fill it near me. Anything missing from this package that I need to include in my order?

    I will be ordering my dry ferts (Green Fert Pack combo-micros and macros). I might as well order all of them at the same time.

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    Thats the system i have but i recently switched to a timer from the ph controller.

    You,ll need a diffuser.


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      Do you mind why you switched from a pH controller to a timer?

      I will put diffuser on my list.


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        Ph controller and a timer are completely different. A controller monitors ph full-time. It is set to a desired pH level to be maintained in the aquarium; it then signals the solenoid valve to prompt the regulator to release or to stop releasing CO2 in order to maintain the set pH. So, co2 is released when plants dont use it while lights are off to maintain the ph low set point.

        I switched to a timer to save co2. Timer you have controll of on/off time.


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          Got it. Thanks. I picked Choice CO2 system primarily because of the pH controller so I didn't have to worry about testing my pH. My current pH level is 8 and wanted to set it for 7.6

          Do you think I should go one model down to the timer then?

          How often were you refilling with pH timer?


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            It is entirely up to you. I still use my controller to monitor ph. Lol

            You also have to calibrate them monthly and clean the probe.

            i have a 5# and a 10# cylinder. Probably every 1 1/2 months. It was starting to drive me bonkers to refill cause i felt like i just refilled. Lol


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              I use a reactor rather than a diffuser. It makes smaller bubbles so more CO2 is absorbed into the water and it takes longer for the bubbles to each the surface.


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                Updated list to order:

                Choice CO2 system kit
                CO2 Diffuser 25mm-spiro
                Bubble Counter fluid 2oz


                Dry Ferts

                Is there anything I'm missing in my order?

                Links to the products:


                Sidenote: Googled reactor Kinezum and it just looks to bulking and didn't want to cut any tubing to my canister filter. I just want a simple system that "a nontechnical person" such as myself can operate.


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                  The diffuser you chose is cool as it doubles as a bubble counter. Problem is that it is out of stock. You may not be able to order that model.

                  If your tank naturally runs 8.0 in pH then your target will be 7.0. This is the point where you'll have 30 ppm CO2.

                  I use a timer, only because I could not afford the Ph Controller. I have a 20 pound bottle. And it will last me about 10 months on my 90G. Just to give you an idea.
                  - Dena

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                    Just read through these posts kinda glad I did so... been looking to maybe add co2 to my 40 when its set up...

                    Dena where did you get your system?
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                      I'm going to call them tomorrow (Monday) to see when that diffuser will be in stock.

                      I would like to know where you got your system as well?

                      I am just going with Green Leaf because they are a one stop shop.


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                        I didn't have enough money to purchase from GLA, or I would have! I ended up with a lower quality setup from DFS: But they changed all the components from when I purchased. Their regulator now has far too much plastic for me. The bubble counter is junk...I threw mine away. And the diffuser I cannot comment about.

                        If you shop around you should be able to find a decent regulator. Look for one made of metal parts, and with a solenoid. Then add the parts you want. Milwaukee is the top of the line as far as I know. Sometimes you can find a decent regulator on eBay or AquaBid.

                        At bare minimum you have to have the regulator with solenoid CO2 tubing, diffuser and the canister of gas. Bubble counters and checkers are nice to haves that can help you to adjust the gas flow. Many use a checker to know how much gas is in the tank, however, the fish will react hours before the checker will indicate a problem exists; or if you have soft water it will always tell you there is a problem. So, I got rid of my checker too.

                        Currently, I have the metal regulator with solenoid, dual dials so I can tell how much gas is in the canister and how much pressure is in the line going into the tank. And the diffuser on the other end of the CO2 tubing. This system is run off a timer. And I closely monitor my pH changes and fish behaviors to know if/when a problem is developing.
                        - Dena

                        All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.
                        Walt Disney

                        The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


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                          Okay, I sent and email and I've been corresponding with GLA...this is their recommendation and wondering what is all yours:

                          Choice CO2 system (I was already going to order this)

                          Atomic + CO2 Diffuser w/Check Valve-75mm (I know that Christine said I need a Diffuser-but this is the most expensive one they have...I just don't know if they are trying to be sales people and recommend the most expensive product they have, can I get anything else in their diffuser line?)

                          CAL AQUA "Oracle" Drop Checker (is this necessary?)

                          The rep said it wasn't necessary to order the Bubble counter fluid and I can just use water.


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                            This was recommended to me by local fish club:


                            Definitely a lot cheaper, but not sure about the quality...what do you all think?


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                              the gauges and bubble counter and all that in that upper corner are the same thing that I have one the 20lb I just purchased, now I have not used it yet but its whats on the tank I ahve lol I might have the same system missing a part or two from original packaging.

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