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CO2 System/light question

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  • CO2 System/light question

    I'm pretty sure I know which CO2 system I want. However, I do have one question about this new adventure.

    When I get my CO2 system, do I have to upgrade my bulbs? I have read that if you have a CO2 system that you need strong lights.

    My lighting ballast can hold 4 bulbs, I am currently using only 2x54watt, 6700 daylight, should I upgrade to 4x54 watt 6700 daylight when I get a CO2 system or 4x54watt 10k daylight?

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    Re: CO2 System/light question

    If you are having to dose CO2 now, you already have enough light!

    General rule is:
    Low Light: No CO2
    High Light: CO2 required
    Moderate Light: Can go either way depending on plant needs

    By switching to injected CO2 you can also increase your lighting to bump your tank up into the high light range; but you would also need to plan on increasing fertilizers as well.

    My recommendation would be first set up the CO2 and get it regulated. Then, if you want to increase the lighting add a single tube if your fixture will run with 3 tubes. You don't want to make too many changes at once or you would have a more difficult time keeping your tank balanced.

    Hope that made sense.
    - Dena

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      Re: CO2 System/light question

      Definitely made sense.