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Point me to a good system for my 60gal

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  • Point me to a good system for my 60gal

    So I am considering going for a system. But admit I know NOTHING about co2 systems or how to use them etc. So any advice on a good one that wont break the bank too much would be great!! Also, I know this is the co2 section but it applies to same thing. I am also thinking of going dirted in this tank. Is there any potting soil in particular that I should use/avoid?? I will also be adding the soil with fish IN the tank. Since there already in there. I may bucket them for a short time. But any guidance would be appreciated!! Thanks all!
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    When I was researching about CO2 kits, someone actually a several people from my local fish club pointed out this system as a decent system. However with this system, you still need to get the canister and diffuser.

    I opted to get the GLA CO2 Kit instead. This is the cheapest kit that comes almost with everything, you just need to get a diffuser.

    Or you can try to piecemeal your system together by finding good deals/sales on particular parts and building over the course of months. I would also check Craigslist for anyone wanting to get rid of their system.

    Dirted Tank info:

    I used the Organic Miracle Grow choice soil for my tanks. I would avoid any soil with fertilizer or perlite. If you want to stock immediately, I would suggest prepping the soil (mineralizing) before you start dirting.
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      Thanks North . I wonder if I can skip all the prep if I have the flourish subtrate already in the tank?? I dont think I want to put that much work into it yet. Hubby wont let me haha.
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        I pieced my own system together rather than buying a kit. It's cheaper that way.


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          I have dirted tanks also. Just make sure it says "organic" on the potting soil package. I got mine at Lowe's. Can't remember the name but it was a bit cheaper than the Miracle Gro. Biggest thing is no chemical additives.
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            I was told to use garden soil as opposed to potting soil, as it doesn't contain the little white balls that absorb moisture. I used a knock-off brand as well, but of garden soil, in my shrimp tank and the plants all did very well.


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              Thanks all . zumi you just gave me an idea, I am going to set up a shrimp tank this week. I may just start one in there first and see how it goes.
              Don't tell me the sky is the limit, when there are foot prints on the moon!! (anon)


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                You can go DIY too. That's the way I went. here's a link with some OK instructions.
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