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Still 0ppm NO3

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  • Still 0ppm NO3

    Did a double dose of Flourish Nitrogen in my 105 gallon yesterday (20mL) and my tank is still at 0ppm NO3 (bright yellow). Should I do another double dose this evening or tomorrow.

    I am suppose to dose with Flourish Comp today.

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    I dose no3 until I get to 5 ppm in my high light tank....its the only way I can keep the cyano in check.
    I don't see why you couldn't dose comp and try to get the no3 up at the same time. On wc on dose comp and potassium at the same time, haven't seen an issue with the puffers or the plants
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      Yes, you can dose both Nitrogen and Comprehensive at the same time. I would keep increasing the dosage until you can get a measurable reading.

      You are discovering how little actual fert compounds are in that bottle of water! You should check out the dosing calculators on the seachem website ( I used the plant calculator for Nitrogen. Entered 105G tank with 0 NO3 and a desired level of 5 PPM. Their calculator indicates you need to dose 131.3 ml or 26.3 capfuls. That amount of product will only get you up to 5 ml.
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        I would look into dry ferts if you haven't already. One time I accidentally double dosed the nitrates and it was a few weeks before I could get the nitrates down below 20ppm! They last quite awhile too.


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          Wow...I never knew it was water in a bottle...

          I can't wait until my dry ferts arrive on Wednesday along with my CO2 system.