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  • Cuttings: How?

    So to at least make the boyfriend's tank not so empty once we get it set up, I plan to take a few cuttings from the 55g.

    Anubius I know you can cut the rhizome and it's fine.

    Crypts I know are very unhappy when moved.

    I have a big shoot with at least two leaflets from my amazon shooting up, I figure that's my "runner" (it's running against gravity!). Do I just cut it below the new leaves?

    I have some water wisteria...can I just trim it down some and plant the "tops"?

    I'm not putting any more of the anachris in there, his ottos ate it ALL lol

    The only other thing I'm thinking of giving him is my nana petite...should I string this up on driftwood or just put it in the sand like my lfs did?
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    Crypts can be separated, I've done it quite a few times.

    I would wait for the baby amazon to be a decent-ish size before separating it from the runner plant. Just cut the runner (sorry for the gross analogy, but it's just like cutting an umbilical cord).

    Wisteria is super easy to propagate; just as you said, nip the top and plant it. I do it weekly because it grows so darn quick. It actually promotes lateral growth (making new shoots) because plants store auxins in the tips; hormones that stimulate vertical growth. By removing the tips, you remove the auxins, so vertical growth is no longer stimulated. It's why grazing is good for grass, because the sheepies nip the tops off the grass.

    If you plant the anubias nana petite, be sure to leave the rhizome exposed (as I'm sure you know). Where you put it is up to you; I have many planted in the substrate, and many tied to driftwood. I also like to just tuck the long roots under the driftwood; eventually the plant anchors itself on the wood, no tying required.
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      The only thing I can add is to wait until the baby swords develop some roots. Wait until those roots are about an inch long before removing from the stem.
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