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sagittaria platyphylla help

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  • sagittaria platyphylla help

    I have several of this species in my tank, this plant has always done well in my aquarium, even when I wasn't dosing ferts. However, lately I have noticed that the plants aren't doing as great like they used to. They are still green, but I am constantly having to prune leaves every week because a few on each plant turn yellow. Some of this yellowing starts on the tips and gradually gets worse, and some the whole leave turns yellow. Also some of the leaves turns yellow on the edges along the whole base of the leaf. I dose pps-pro and have a t5 ho light fixture on this tank. I also give these plants root tabs, but like I said I'm not sure why this plant keeps loosing leaves, any ideas?

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    Well these are only semiaquatic plants (from what I read) I do not know if you have them fully submerged...
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      Maybe an Iron deficiency
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        Can you post a picture? Might help.
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