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When can I expect my plants to Pearl?

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  • When can I expect my plants to Pearl?

    I have introduced injected CO2 into my tank. When can I expect my plants to Pearl?

    The CO2 is on for 7 hours.
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    There are a few variables that come into play for pearling. The intensity of the light driving photosynthesis at ideal an optimum rate could cause pearling if the water is already saturated with oxygen. Also, it will depend on the availability of the nutrients that play a role in fueling photosynthesis to begin with. Faster growing plants are more likely to pearl, but the slow growers can do it too. All in all, pearling is nice to see and, in my opinion, it adds a nice touch to the aquarium, but if the plants grow very well and don't pearl there isn't any problems. One plant that pearls very quickly and easily is riccia (both regular and dwarf), and it looks amazing when it is tied down to a rock in a group. It looks like a green diamond underwater


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      Pearling will come in time. When all the plant's needs are met and ferts are well balanced you will notice it one day.

      But if you do not notice don't take it as a sign of something wrong. As stated above, in addition to happy plants the water column must be saturated with oxygen. Think of pearling as a way to gas off the extra oxygen.

      If your plants are growing they are creating oxygen as a rate slow enough to not cause pearling.
      - Dena

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