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t5ho and tiger lotus

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  • t5ho and tiger lotus

    I currently have one tiger lotus in my 15 gallon that has two 23watt cfl bulbs on it. However, the plants won't stay close to the ground. I've read that this is because it needs more light. I have a t5ho 6500k 48watt dual-lamp on my 29 gallon. If it put one in the tank with the t5, do you guys think that it will stay short?

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    I have one in my 5g hex, 13w cfl. It stretches to the surface, lil landing pads for for frog naps.
    the one I have in my 29g is short, only 6" at tge longest leaf. That has 1 39w hot5, but I was running two bulbs until two weeks ago (too much algae)
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      In my tank which is 25 inches tall w/ T5HO 2x54 watt, 6700 daylight my Tiger lotus use to grow all the way to the top, the trick I used to keep the leaves closer to the bulb was to trim the roots.
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