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Any recommendation in "Red Color" plants?

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  • Any recommendation in "Red Color" plants?

    When I first got into the hobby, I bought a bunch of red plants that either died or turned green until I found it those type of plants require high lighting and ferts.

    Now that I have moderate lighting, injected CO2 and dry ferts I'm willing to give it a shot again.

    What would you suggest I look into?
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    I was able to get some pretty good reds from C Furcata in mod-high light. With your setup I bet it would do well and isn't hard to care for ime.
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      I really like ludwigia glandulosa.


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        I have telanthera cardinalis kn mine. I like it a lot.
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          Many of the alternanthera species are really easy to grow and are always red (some have a bit of green on the leaves). Like suggested already, alternanthera reineckii 'cardinalis' seems to have the most red with no other color variation, at least from what I have encountered.

          Rotala macrandra is also nice, but a bit more demanding (i.e. low nitrates less than 20 ppm, preferably less than 10 ppm). Some of these are sold in unstable forms and can revert back to the normal macrandra leaf size, or have other changes. Ludwigia sp. red (not ludwigia repens) is supposed to be another easy one and full of color, but I've never grown it to say much more on it. Persicaria praetermissa is another interesting one, but I don't know anything about it. Limnophila aromatica can turn reddish, but it seems to be very particular about the parameters and light needed to do so. It is still a very nice plant though. One other one that I can think of is red bamboo (persicaria 'kawagoeanum'). There's probably others that I am forgetting .

          *Note: I am not sure what the lighting requirements of some of those are, sorry.