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Evil Christmas Moss of DOOOOOOOM!!!

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  • Evil Christmas Moss of DOOOOOOOM!!!

    Just thought I'd post a pic, since I was just talking about it in another thread.

    This is my 6 gallon bowfront. An old one made by All Glass Aquariums (now Aqueon). It houses a male betta, a sparkling gourami, and two ADFs. But the main inhabitant is my Christmas Moss

    That wood is about 10 inches long and 8 inches tall.

    And, probably to the surprise of many of you guys, I don't do water changes on this tank. Just top it off. It's also got a couple crypts, two or three aponogentons, some kind of sword, and a whole butt load of duckweed. The fish eat about 5 times a week, and the plants stay happy, and I don't have to do anything! Lol

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    Wicked... A true npt but with a filter!!! Lol I can't wait for mine to get that large!!!
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      No soil, though lol

      I bet the plants would be even happier if I weeded out some of that dang duckweed more often! I feed it to Bruce

      Theres also, obviously, a mess of guppy grass in there, too. I tried to add that to my first post, but the pictures show up in the editor and overload my phone.
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        thats a great little jungle! i understand how your frogs just disappear for a while
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          Yeah, lol I can go weeks with out seeing them. They prefer to come out at night, and with out my male singing anymore (the filter on another tank got him :/...), it's difficult to know if they are alive or not with out taking the tank apart LOL

          btw, the moss touches the front and back of the tank, too.


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            Got to love the low maintenance tanks.
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              Oh it's so enjoyable! Especially with two tanks and two ponds full of goldfish. Every water change I DON'T have to do is amazing.... :3


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                great looking tank!

                Ill be honest most of my tanks only get top offs too due to plant load lol.

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                  Originally posted by NorthStar View Post
                  Got to love the low maintenance tanks.
                  With as many as I have, it is the only way to go.
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                    That Najas makes me miss mine... I only have a couple of sprigs left of them.

                    Great tank! I'm surprised your betta and Sparkling Gouramis get along with each other.


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                      The gourami nips at Kai every now and then, but he pretty much hangs in that mass of plants, and Kai takes the open space lol


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                        Great tank Akari! love the moss!


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                          I think that moss is awesome. I wish it would grow like that in mine.
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                            The moss came as a hitchhiker on a lily I bought at a lfs. Thought it was algea, but left it alone lol