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    Re: Red Root Floater Plant Discussion

    My urge was too powerful I will put up some pictures once I have finished messing
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      I have been letting these grow without thinning in my 10 gallon to see what growth response I could get. As expected there was more upward growth which looks nice. Over the winter mine actually seemed to slow the new growth significantly with no changes in dosing, routine, or lighting. At the beginning of last month the growth rate increased and flowers began. This was around the same time I saw an increase in flowers from my brazilian pennywort in the other tank. It was very odd and even stumped the botanist at the school. With the warmer weather I will be moving some outside again, but on a larger scale (along with a lot of other emersed plants).

      DSC_0252 by chevyguy8893, on Flickr

      DSC_0264 by chevyguy8893, on Flickr


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          Really interesting how vertical it wants to grow, beautiful shots as always Adam.
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            The vertical growth even climbs the edges of the tank from time to time. I should have taken the picture before the water change to show that too. I should really get around to thinning it out, but it just looks too nice as it is lol.


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              I love your pictures Adam. It is postcard worthy IMO. Has the temperature change which might account for slow growth?
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                Originally posted by NorthStar View Post
                I love your pictures Adam. It is postcard worthy IMO. Has the temperature change which might account for slow growth?
                Thanks! The slowed growth could have been from the cooler temp. It stays pretty cool in the basement during the winter, so maybe the ambient temp had something to do with it.


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                  *waves* Hi all ... 4 years later, time for a noob to revive this thread.... so I read through all four pages of comments because I had a good handful of RRF in my 10g Endler tank, but slowly they have all died. Just won an auction for some more, so I wanted to read up more on them and ask some questions... Does anyone here use Flourish Excel in their RRF tank? Does anyone keep them with other floaters, like Frogbit?

                  This time around I will be putting a few outside (Minnesota) in a small container, a few in a 30g breeder (plants only), and again in my 10g ... I have heard temp needs to be higher, would 79-80° be good?

                  Thanks in advance