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    Well my Apono just decided it was sick of hibernating. This bulb never lasts the full month and a half LOL. It was being hibernated in total darkness in cold water lol. I'll keep updating as it grows. It is an Aponogeton Ulvaceous by the way. Here it is in the bag:

    One night in the tank and it is already sending a new leaf out:

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    Is that one or two bulbs?


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      Just one. It was in the process of splitting when I put it into hibernation.

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        Day two:

        Day three:

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          By the weekend you are going to have amazing growth! Plant appears to be very healthy.
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            thats one happy plant! guess it was done sleeping lol

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              Day 25. It got lost for a little while and was shaded by an Amazon Sword.



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                Really neat little plant :-) awesome growth in a short amount of time, IMO!
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