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  • Bacopa Splitting

    My Bacopa Monnieri is splitting for the second time ever! I've tried all sorts of things to try to get it split and it never works. By the time I give up and leave it alone for a couple weeks it decides it can split now. The first stem I tried it with died in the move soon after it began to split. But this one is doing really well now. Splitting just above almost every leaf joint on the stalk.


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    My Bacopa Madagascariensis does that all the time. I noticed if I lay the stem horizontal it will grow from the nodes. When it is vertical it just grows straight up. Of course I havent tried growing it submerse yet. I'm still trying to expand my stems.


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      Congratulations! I was going to say the same thing. Weight the stems down so they lay sideways. You will end up with more bacopa than you know what to do with.
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        Happy Bacopa! That's awesome. Congratz!

        i have more Bacopa then i know what to do with!
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          I love my bacopa I have a clump that the brats dislodged and is floating but it looks really pretty and is growing really well
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            That's cool. My rotala sp. green does that.


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              Yep. I think it is kinds cool. It is so long that I've been wrapping it around my driftwood!

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