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  • What plant is this?

    I've been searching for a purple plant and found this and fell in love with it...any ideas what plant this is?
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    It's very pretty it looks a bit like alternanthera reineckii lilacina but a more subdued one in colour.

    It does look a little like ludwigia though too
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      Bahahahaha that's a fake plant! I see them in petstores.


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        Yeah, it looks fake to me also.

        Rotala ramosior 'Florida' has some similar coloring since you are looking for something like that. I have't figured out where to get some yet though.


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          It's still pretty
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            Look up Purple Bamboo. It is now my favorite aquatic plant to date


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              Even a lot of fake plants are modeled after real ones. all though they sometimes take liberties with the coloring of them. It does remind me of some type of ludwigia.
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                When I started getting into real plants, I noticed that all my fake plants were modeled after something real - cabomba, corkscrew val, etc. I agree it looks like it's supposed to be a ludwigia.

                You could get some pink hippo grass chevyguy has some pretty vibrant flowers in his tanks too.


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                  At least you can keep it in all lighting and fert conditions NS.
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