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  • Rotala and Hygro ID

    Once upon a time I purchased 3 types of rotala from a reputable seller. I was given Rotala Nanjenshan, Rotala Colorata (we think) and then I was supposed to get Rotala mini butterfly. At the time, they were not packaged separately and labelled, so I had to guess. I tried to put them apart from each other to grow out and then maybe I could figure out what they were.

    Fast forward 6 months....Rotala "colorata" grows like a weed and I'm pretty sure I've kept that one separate. Rotala Nanjenshan is another easy ID. Then while I was trimming the other day I found my "Rotala mini butterfly" forgotten in the back corner. Still growing, but it was almost completely in the shade and didn't look well at all. I moved it out front to let it grow and see what it was. Here is it's picture now. It's still only about 7inches tall, but it's not growing like my colorata at all. It's already turning red and branching a ton. The leaves are much smaller and even the tiny stems near the substrate are reddish.

    Any guesses? Is this mini butterfly?

    Click image for larger version

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    Here is one of my hygro's. I bought Hygro Tiger and Hygro Brown, and two others. My lovely corydoras have rescaped for me and I often find them simply floating about and I've lost track of which is which.

    Any help? I'm guessing this is my hygro brown that took forever to take off? Or perhaps another. I'm so confused.
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    I have a few others that lack an ID and as soon as I get a good picture, I'll be asking for more help.
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    Re: Rotala and Hygro ID

    The second picture is a Hygrophila sp brown, I have a couple in my tank.

    The first picture doesn't look like a mini butterfly, I currently have a couple stems in a 10 gallon and they look different from yours.
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      Re: Rotala and Hygro ID

      The first one looks like a very deficient Rotala macrandra 'green'. It is possible that it was Rotala macrandra 'mini butterfly' at some point since that is the form that the unstable form reverts to when its needs are not met. If that is the case, it will not turn back into 'mini butterfly'. If you have an updated picture since moving it the ID may be easier.

      NS is correct with the hygro ID. Hygro tiger has relatively narrow leaves.

      Here's the macrandra 'green' for comparison from when I had it. This was before the leaves started growing wider, so there is some variation.


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        Re: Rotala and Hygro ID

        My lights have already gone off today, but here is another picture from last month. I'll try to post another picture in the morning after the lights come back on.

        Click image for larger version

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          Sorry to change subject but is that a ludwigia Senegalensis

          You plant look like rotala mini butterfly that does not have enough iron
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