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Strange issues with DIY co2

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  • Strange issues with DIY co2

    Hello there. I have a two 2-liter bottle with a bubble counter as my DIY co2 setup. About 22 hours into the process I discover that bubbles were coming out from the bottles at a rate of 1-2 bps. However, the strange thing was that my bubble counter-which was a small water bottle with a small thin cap with two bulk head fittings with one tube going into the water contained in the water bottle, and the other leaving the bottle into the check valve and into the aquarium.

    For some reason, while bubbles were coming out of the tube, well actually the tube popped off of the nano diffuser because these diffusers require more pressure than what DIY co2 can supply, I could not see any bubbles coming out of the tube going from the two generator bottles into the bubble counter bottle. Why would I get bubbles into the tank, but not see any in the bubble counter I made. Any thoughts or explanations?

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    Was it bubbling into the tank for a very short time? If so, maybe it was the built up gas in the counter relieving itself since it couldn't go through the diffuser.
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      I suppose that is possible. When I discover the bubbling into the tank and not in the bubble counter, I stuck a cigarette filter in the end of the tube in the tank to diffuse it better since the nano diffuser wasn't working. The bubbles stop when I did that. I am starting a new batch today with a heat lamp under the tank were the two 2-liter generators are held, my house is in the sixties right now so i'll keep it on at night. I have also changed my bubble counter to instead of a larger water bottle, I have changed it to a small horseradish glass jar. So this should help, less space for the pressure to go through. I also redid the sealing on the caps by just pulling the tubs through the cap instead of bulkhead fittings. I also sealed with calking instead of aquarium sealant. It would work this time

      Oh since my temps are a little cold, especially at night, should I leave the heat lamp on all the time or just at night?


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        Hopefully you will figure it out. As the gas gets into the tank with no diffuser it sounds a bit like you have a leak somewhere in the system.
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