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    So, Anthony's idea thread got me back to thinking about things to build. One that has always in the back of my mind is an acrylic enclosure over the top of my sump/refugium for high humidity plants. I guess it would be something of a terrarium without any creatures, unless it is somehow possible. Anyway, I am looking for any ideas on it.

    These are all just my general thoughts.

    1) The enclosure would sit in the indent of the 20 long and get siliconed in place to seal it all with a removable front panel so maintenance is still easy.
    2) There is 7.5 inches of space to work with to the wall behind the tank. This part would be angled so any water would run back into the sump. On the outside I would build a support underneath it.
    3) In the back area, a panel could be added to hold some expanded clay pellets for the plants and have an outlet that runs into the inlet of the sump. The PVC from the overflow would run into that area. Only problem I can think of here is the random pieces of leaves that work their way into the planting area.
    4) As an alternative to #3, I could possibly make a river and only grow carnivorous and air plants. The carnivorous plants would go in their own planters to keep them from getting the excess nutrients in the water. Some moss could be grown along the "river".
    5) Possibly add a small pump in the return area that would feed to some some PVC spraybars above for a rainfall that could be turned on once in a while for fun.

    One random thought is the whole back area could be a false rock wall with a series of small pools and waterfalls with any plants growing on it. That is all I have for now, but it would be great to hear some other ideas since it would be a neat project to do (at least I think it would be). Criticism is welcome too .

    This would be the area for it with the exception of the riparium plants that would go elsewhere.
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    This is the first time i saw this thread. I don't have any real criticism to offer, but I do love the idea and love the small pools and waterfall idea. I can't wait until you finish this project.
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