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holding thawed frozen food

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  • holding thawed frozen food

    With the frequency of feeding my new barnacles blenny I'm trying to figure out my option of food prep/storage. Hes getting all frozen foods (sw gumbo, mysis, and spirilina enriched mysis). Up to this point ive been cutting smaller portions of still frozen food to thaw about what I need (frogs get 1/4 a cube a day,....easy to portion. The sw was get a cm square every other day for the sexy shrimp). My blenny eats a much smaller portion than even the frogs (those portions are feeding 3 frogs and 5 shrimp), and I'm not sure predicing is going to be effective, the portion is just too small.
    How long can I store thawed food in the fridge? Could I thaw say, 2-3 days at a time? (6 portions for him might be the size of my frogs daily portion) how will leaving it thawed affect its nutritional value?
    any other suggestions to avoid throwing a meal or three down the drain twice a day when I thaw too much?
    36g ram community, 10g blue jelly shrimp, 10g orange pumpkin shrimp, 5g ADF, 12g reef, 55g hex reef

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    Any ideas on storing thawed food in the fridge? How long?
    36g ram community, 10g blue jelly shrimp, 10g orange pumpkin shrimp, 5g ADF, 12g reef, 55g hex reef


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      I al curious of this as well... As I don't need a whole krill cube for my salties... Yet lol
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        When I want to split up bits of food I usually use a hot knife to cut through it. Fairly easy usually. I've kept thawed food in the fridge in an airtight container for three days before. Didn't see any bad things happen to the fish lol.
        Thawing and then refreezing would definitely cut down on nutritional value IMO. But keeping it for a couple days shouldn't do anything too horrible. Just keep it nice and cool.