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Feeding your Community.

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  • Solitarianknight
    started a topic Feeding your Community.

    Feeding your Community.

    So, you have a community tank eh? If you're new to the hobby that is fish keeping you may want to learn up on feeding a community of fish to keep them happy and healthy.

    The first thing to remember is that all fish have different dietary needs. Now, they can all be grouped into some different categories such as
    Carnivores that eat only large prey/live fish
    Carnivores that will take dead or pelleted prey
    Carnivores that are mostly insectivores, meaning they eat insects mostly
    Omnivores that tend towards meat
    Omnivores that tend towards plant matter
    Omnivores that are straight down the middle
    Herbivores that eat plant matter but may also eat an occasional insect or invert
    Strict herbivores
    Strict algae eating fish
    Fish that eat wood like plecos
    Scavengers which will pick at anything they find, but STILL NEED PROPER NUTRITION.

    Ok, so maybe there are a lot of categories. Not to bad though, more then likely you won't have ALL of them in your community, and if you do it is still easy and cheap to appease them all.

    Flakes/pellets. These make a good staple for most insectivores/carnivores, Omnivores and sometimes herbivores.
    You want to look at your fish first and see who you have and what they need to be getting in their diet.
    For insectivores and omnivores you will want to see meat products in the first few ingredient places on the list on the food label.
    For herbivores you will want to see plant matter, little or no meat needed here.
    They do sell algae flakes and plant flakes that are pretty good in this case.
    You can mix different types of flakes as well to get a good mix.

    Frozen/live foods can be good with Omnivores, carnivores and insectivores.
    Frozen/live foods may include brine shrimp, daphina, blood worms, vinegar eels and such for smaller fish like tetra, barbs and such.
    Live foods like worms, wingless fruitflys and live-bearer fry may be good to enrich at larger carnivores diet.
    "Feeder fish" or goldfish, do not make for good nutrition for larger fish. They are essentially a greasy hamburger that carries disease.

    Pellet/disks are good for a variety of things.
    They sell the little disks made out all different kinds of things such as Algae, Shrimp and so on. They also Sell Catfish pellets. these are good for most scavengers, and yes, catfish :P. They tend to be a mix of protein and plant matter. For fish like Plecos, cory and so on they make a good staple to the diet since these fish don't often go to the surface to feed. Algae tabs are good for any algae eating fish/snail.

    Fresh produce! herbivore, scavenger and omnivore HEAVEN.
    Now, not only can you feed fresh produce, it has multiple benefits.
    Spinach, Zucchini,cucumber are all sources of calcium, very good for snails and most plant eating fish love spinach.
    Carrots last a long time under water and i have found that my snails and pleco like them
    Collard greens and quality lettuce are also good foods.

    For some fish like goldfish and piranha, fruit can be offered chopped up, though these really arn't big community fish.

    To feed these veggies you can simply put a for in them and let it sit on the bottom, or buy a veggie clip and stick a suction cup to it, or weight it down with rocks, whatever floats your boat...or sinks your veggies. Be sure to remove un-eaten food after 24hours to keep it from rotting, except for carrots which can last a good few days IME.

    Providing all these alternative food sources in a large mix can greatly enrich the fishes life and yours by extension. A good diet means a happy fish. A happy fish means a happy owner.

  • catsma_97504
    Re: Feeding your Community.

    I have been working with the gel foods since I am a Repashy dealer. Trying each of their fish formulas. After all, it is impossible to sell if you haven't tried it yourself! So far, I have nothing negative to say about this food. The RCS have a deeper red than I have ever seen! The plecos come out of hiding to eat their algae/vegy based food, cichlids demolish the carnivore formulas. And best of all the gel doesn't pollute the tank, even after 24 hours. So, it is a perfect fry food! I am away from home for 10 hours or more a day and don't have to worry about fry not getting enough food.

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  • Solitarianknight
    Re: Feeding your Community.

    Thanks again! Also, i thought id add, since it was brought up on the other thread, if anyone here can write a small section on Gel foods it would be appreciated, i havn't worked with them myself. We can add it in above and apply appropriate credit.

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  • pirahnah3
    Re: Feeding your Community.

    A great reminder for us all in that our fish need as much of a varied diet as we like.

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