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best repashy for dwarf corys

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    Sorry if this is off-topic but it does pertain to Repashy. Could you say mix 1/4 cup of each: Community, Meat Pie, and Shrimp and make a combo?


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      Yes, you most certainly can. I don't see any huge benefit to it but there's nothing wrong with it.

      I add stuff to my Repashy, extra Spirulina and astaxanthin.
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        @cichlidnut- I rarely feed only one food....even my community tank gets 2 types of flake (omega one and cobalt)

        Quad- that was one of my next question.....thanks for asking it
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          Spawn & Grow is a high fat food so it isn't recommended as a long term staple food. It would be great as a supplemental or treat food. My corys go after any food that makes it to the bottom. They definitely are not picky! They get shrimp pellets and a variety of Repashy, even eat the algae wafers and green Repashy formulas I feed the plecos. Mine like to munch on fresh veggies once in a while too.
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