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Rubberlip Pleco's

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  • Rubberlip Pleco's

    So I had 2 Rubber lip Pleco's in my QT tank in which I finally put them in my main tank... Well I can not find 1 for the life of me... 1 likes to make pits in the sand next to rocks... the other I haven't seen an hour after I put them in...
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    Give them some time to settle in. New surroundings can be very upsetting for fish, and plecos can tend to be extremely shy. The other may be hiding where you'd least expect it. I have a Blood Parrot in my cichlid tank that disappears to an unknown location for hours on end lol. If you don't see him in a couple days try gently moving some items in the tank where he's liking to be hiding out.

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