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  • Boris the betta

    I haven't really given Boris his spot in the limelight, as I've been so focused on Vlad's fins. But Boris' fins were looking pretty sad awhile ago, too. I uploaded a picture from when I first got him, and a couple from when his fins were looking extra tattered (probably from nipping).

    And here he is now! His fins are 90% back to normal, I would say. A tiiiny bit shorter, and every so often they get a few splits in the end. Maybe the filter's current is too swift and I should make a baffle. But he's definitely doing great! His color looks the same in most of the pictures, but it's actually quite dynamic. Sometimes he looks bright blue, sometimes emerald green, and sometimes an in-between teal. That's actually why I named him Boris, his colors - blue, green, black - made me think of the aurora borealis, and "Aurora" is a lady name, so I modified "Borealis" a bit to "Boris." Then I decided to stick with the Russian theme and that's how Vlad and Igor got their names (Makar is technically Russian, but I named him after Makar in Zelda Wind Waker because he's so gosh darn adorable.)
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    He's gorgeous
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      Thanks NS! Hopefully he can get fully back to his former glory. I'll have to figure out how to make a baffle for the filter; earlier today his fins were fine (well, "fine" as in normal for these days) but when I went to take the pictures this evening there were little splits, like little finger projections, and they're always in the same area. I'm putting a couple drops of vita-chem in every night, plus a whole dose with water changes as well as Kordon fish protector.


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        He is a beautiful little boy.
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          He is a handsome little chappy
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            That is so great Zumi! I agree, he looks about 90% regrown!! Whoever recommended that stuff deserves automatic full rep bars.
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              Thanks guys!

              LOL Matt you have to work your way up there like the rest of us