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Does this cory look ok?

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  • Does this cory look ok?

    Can corydoras get flukes or an external parasite? I read somewhere that they can't. Anyway, this cory has always looked off to me and he's been in and out of my hospital tank twice now. He's been back there two weeks now being monitored for a white fuzzy area on its side and once before for having a "cloudy face". I took this top down view of it tonight to try and get some opinions about whether it looks normal. It looks like there is something sticking out from its sides that I don't see on my other cory's, although I've never looked very close and this could be completely normal. It's also always looked skinny to me, so that's another concern. I don't want to keep it separated from the others if it looks fine, but if it looks sick, then I'd like some advice for what to treat it with.

    I've used daily water changes with no changes and also tried a mild parasite treatment to see if that was the cause. It eats well and acts fine, so let me know what y'all think.

    Click image for larger version

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    Do you mean the points angling backward along his flanks? I was just scrutinizing my Sterbai's and they don't have them protruding, there is a row of scales/plates there which looks kind like it might be that. Its also all I can think of that would be so symmetrical, if he were mine I'd put him back in with the others given the lack of other symptoms.
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      Yeah, those are what I'm talking about. Kinda looks like dropsy on other fish. They're not completely even/symmetrical all the way, so I was trying to be cautious. I just don't want to infect my main tank with anything if it looks suspicious to anyone else.


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        He looks normal to me corys scales are different to most fish as they have the plates running down both sides of the body as opposed to lots if little scales. But he looks good I would pop him back in and keep an eye on everyone for the first few days
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          Weird. When I first looked at the picture I thought dropsy. But it's just those few scales! My corries are completely smooth. No protruding scales.


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            After blowing up that picture I can see a slight bulge in his gut on one side, and a bulge near his tail on the same side; along with the scales protruding. Something is definitely up. Looks to me like he is developing dropsy, but why? Dropsy is a fatal symptom of an underlying cause. Typically kidney failure.

            Because he is acting normal I would put him back with the school; and monitor closely. If the dropsy is caused by an internal parasite or some other contagion, the entire school would be affected.

            I suspect this is caused by organ failure. The fish will act completely normal until the dropsy bloats him and causes death. One possible treatment would be Epsom Salt baths. The salts would help to draw out the extra fluid. You could even add Epsom Salt to your tank at a rate of 1 tsp per 15 gallons. Double that for a bath treatment.

            Keep us posted.
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