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Ottos and algae

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  • Ottos and algae

    As some may know I am the proud owner of a school of ottocinclus affinis and have a couple of questions.

    My tank has quite a bit of algae which was the reason for getting them I was wondering will it effect them if I clean just two sides of the glass so it doesn't look so mucky but leave the other two sides for them to munch on?

    Would they enjoy some fresh veggies or is algae all they eat?

    What is the perfect school size?

    Do they breed easily?

    Thank you in advance
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    I usually clean three sides of my tank and the Otos can eat the Algae off the back wall and the algae on the plants.

    I have one Oto that ate zucchini and the rest would ignore it.

    10+ (low bioload)

    Mine have never bred and I have some that are 3 years old, I think Amber breeds them.

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      so long as they have enough algae to munch on go ahead and clean... I read on FL somone leaves the backk glass alone but cleans the other sizes and their ottos are happy...

      they can eat fresh veggies though so will reject it and prefer to starve instead of eating prepared foods...

      a school of 6+ is fine the more the merrier just keep in mind how much algae growth you have... I'd stick with the 10 you have now.

      only a few people have had luck breeding and its by dumb luck imo... try to match their wild habitat for the highest chance... Maybe Jon knows something lol...

      haha ninja'd
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        Lol thank you I'm planning on doing tank maintenance tomorrow I feel drained after today and Oliver is doing some stress relief on call of duty so I don't want to disturb him he's allowed a day of grace.

        Knowing my luck ill end up with a tank of ottos as well as snails
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          Thought I would do a little update

          The ottos are doing well munching on everything and I mean everything lol they graze on the algae on the glass and the plants they have been munching the zucchini and they love the veggie wafers Jonathan sent me.

          What I have been most surprised with is they also munch on the flake food too? Brine, veggie, beef heart, worm and the tropical mix too I hope they don't go off munching the algae

          It is testament to how awesome Jonathan's homemade food is as I have read and been told that they will normally only eat algae
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            I was just noticing my oto's are doing the same thing. I figure it's some of my "babies" that were born in my tanks, but I find it odd how they'll get down and munch on the other pellets along with the other catfish.