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  • Love Corydoras

    Has anyone notice in their tanks that Corydoras don't get intimidated? Perhaps just in my tank then. The neons, glowlights, harlequins and even my Gold Ram would move away from the Angels. The Corydoras in the tank just don't care. They will swim directly into an Angel in full speed or won't even move away from an NLS pellet if my Angels want to eat it.

    I've notice my Angels move out of the way for the Cories in my tank.

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    Cories rule lol I can't wait to get mine
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      My corries are the same way. They keep trying to snuggle under the driftwood with my very grumpy Clown Panaques who barely tolerate each other lol.


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        Mine too. They even will approach a spawning site from below and the angels don't see them. Little sneaks!!

        I do have a single Peppered Cory that hides. I know I need to purchase more. But it is so difficult introducing new ones as my angels think of them as a new food source when small.
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          I once had an Albino lay on top of an Anubias leaf that had Angel eggs and both Angel parents didn't seem to care. He swam away on his own

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