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    I am new to this type of website, so please bear with me. I have a 100 gallon Community tank that has 10 angelfish as the primary beauties and out of those I have two pairs that mate and lay eggs quite frequently. I decided to try to raise the fry, so I moved one of the pairs to a fully cycled breeding tank and let them raise their own fry which was great fun to watch. However, now people keep asking me what kind of angelfish they are, and I don't know how to answer that. One couple is black and silver with cow like markings... Is that called Blue Marble? The other couple has one that is absolutely beautiful green lacey looking and one that is almost all silver with evenly spaced black stripes. I tried to take a picture of the green one (Bella- we named HIM before we knew it was a BOY) and Scar (We also named HER before we new she was a GIRL... doh!) and put it as my profile. I am not great with technology, so I hope that worked out. Any advice or information would be welcomed. Thanks!

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    Hello and welcome to the forum

    We have some very experienced angel keepers on here I am sure they will be able to help.
    Posting some pictures would be a world of help

    Hope you enjoy the forum
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      Welcome to the site!

      If one is silver and black and cow-like, then that would be a normal marble, not a blue marble. Blue marbles are blue You can google it to see some nice pictures. I'm not sure about the green one but it sounds really pretty! I agree, it's an unwritten rule of the site that pictures are required Not to mention it will help us ID them


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        Welcome to the forum! Great to have you here.

        I think you have a Smokey and a Silver going off of your profile picture. The one with the stripes is the Silver. I've copied and pasted your profile picture below but a better picture would be helpful. If you can upload the pictures to photobucket and then link them here that would probably be easiest. I can explain how if you want.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Bella.jpg
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          That's one beautiful angel I'm looking forward to more pictures
          Never underestimate the power of a smile


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            Very pretty angels! Welcome!
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              Welcome, they're a gorgeous pair!
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                Welcome to the forum!

                Beautiful fish! And you are in the right place to get any information you need about angels.
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                  Welcome to the forum, hope to hear more from you....
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                  As long as you learn and Keep Moving Forward!



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                    Welcome to the site! Good to have you with us


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                      Welcome! Another angelfish enthusiast

                      I agree that the 2 angels in the foreground are a Smokey and a Silver. I also see a Marble (black and silver with "cow markings") and what appears to be a Gold Marble or a Gold Marble Ghost. Hard to tell from this one image.

                      Additional photos or a video would be very helpful to accurately identify the types of angels you have in your tanks.

                      That green one is very intriguing. I'd love to see a photo of it. Green comes from a variety of genetic combinations. I have a Blue Smokey that appears green because this specimen also has a gold gene. Without a photo it would be very difficult to know what you have.

                      Hope you enjoy our site.
                      - Dena

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                        Originally posted by Magoo View Post
                        That's one beautiful angel I'm looking forward to more pictures
                        Doh didn't see the second angel I'm still a panda they are both beautiful
                        Never underestimate the power of a smile


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                          Thank you. I will do that. I didn't know how to upload any more pictures because it says to use a URL, not my computer. I appreciate your explaining what to do.

                          I opened a photobucket account and began uploading pictures to a "fish" album. How do I link that to here? Also, I have set up four new 20 gallon tanks and want to make sure they are properly cycled before any of my angels go near them. I made filters using gravel from the 100 gallon tank and activated carbon, and then filled them with 50 percent water from the 100 gallon. I put some feeder guppies in them, but don't know how long before the tank is considered fully cycled and safe. Any advice? (I have never used and do not have test strips, and my big tanks have never had any problems over the last two years)
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                            I think I was finally able to get some pictures into an album on this site. However, I don't know how to get it to show up here.


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                              Click the box with the black 4 corners.... sometimes you have to click the my computer tab again and it will tell you to upload files
                              It does not matter if you are right or wrong...
                              As long as you learn and Keep Moving Forward!