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  • Babies!

    So I has some baby fishes. Angels to be exact. I have five of them. Two golds, one gold marble or koi, and two black marbles. They're pretty tiny right now but are growing slowly. Anyway, here the two decent pictures I was able to get.

    AND here is a picture to give you a size reference. The adult angel is near silver dollar size.


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    Re: Babies!

    Great looking angels!
    - Dena

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      nice looking angels you have there. Seems Denas love for angels is rubbing off on most of us haha

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        I know its gotten me! They're so cute Jon! Are these offspring from your angels?
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          Haha I dunno about me. I was obsessed with angels long before I met you guys lol.

          They are very distantly related to some I sold out of my fishroom in India years ago. Not enough to count really lol.