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Are DD Black Angels slow growers?

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  • Are DD Black Angels slow growers?

    I've been reading on this forum that everyone who has DDs are growing slowly is that a fact amongst this variety or just an observation that everyone is having?

    I have a DD as well and I thought I had stunted Angels but I'm it seems everyone who has them in this forum is experiencing the same thing.
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    Mine grew quickly the first weeks I had them but I haven't noticed much growth lately apart from there fins they are growing beautiful tendrils
    Hasn't stopped them being little piggies though their quest for food is unending lol
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      Mine grew fairly quickly but after some recent research I've found out that DD Blacks are normally very slow growers compared to most Angels. I think it has something to do with how inbred they are.


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        Now I've added two more it'll be a good gauge to how they grow as the two new angels aren't dd ill update and document their growth
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          Yes they are slow growers.... even my cobalt Rocky is a rediculously slow grower UNLESS he ends up being some kind of runt
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            That has been my experience. I could never imagine anything growing slower than Koi angels, but the DD Blacks are even slower than a snail! All we can do is offer high quality foods, keep up on tank maintenance and make sure they have plenty of room to grow. One day you will blink and they will suddenly be spawning and you will realize that they did in fact grow.

            I was looking at pictures I took in January and February and can see growth.
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