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Observing Angel Behavior

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  • Observing Angel Behavior

    It is cool just watching my Angels and observing their behavior. I've suspected that I have a second paired couple, the two largest one in the tank. I've notice one of the Angels picking at the leaves and chasing the other Angels away and the other Angel with a swollen (not huge) abdominal region. It looks like they have set up their territory. The lights just turned off so I am expecting there will be eggs tomorrow or the next couple of days.

    I've also notice their breeding tubes have become pronounce.

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    Re: Observing Angel Behavior

    Yep, you definitely have a 2nd mated pair of angels.

    Now that there are 2 pairs your tank can turn into a war zone if they both spawn at once or if both pairs decide to spawn in the same general area.
    - Dena

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      Re: Observing Angel Behavior

      lol you will need a zebra angel to have the appropriate uniform to ref this tank soon hahahahahaha

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