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2 Male Angels?

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  • 2 Male Angels?

    So..I'm almost sure by the behavior that Boo and Moo are both males. Is 2 males with no female in a 55g going to be a problem? Moo has gotten big enough he's started that "hey, you're in my space, I'm gonna chase you for 10 seconds and then forget!" behavior with Boo. Boo is still little and thinks that schooling is okay.
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    All my angels and discus hang out together... sometimes its fine... sometimes its not... THOUGH...

    I think one discus is real moody and I have on Angel that doesn't like when any other Angels mate
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      Hard to say if you have 2 males; or if one is simply starting to mature. There will be squabbles over time until they work out territory. Yes, you can keep only males or only females. I am VERY short on females; and have had 7 males in one tank. It is the bachelor known as the 125G. With no girls to fight over they got along great.
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        Thanks Dena, good to know
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